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We believe in the sustainability of renewable energy as a macro trend of business matters. Over the last few decades renewable energies have grown out of the incubation phase and have emerged as an economically viable, ecologically superior, secure clean method and safe source of energy. We recognize that solar power is emerging as a mainstay power supply technology and will contribute significantly to the future energy mix all over the world. We are fully committed to contribute to innovation and growth in renewable energy.

  • Contributing to this game-changing, global development with our top expertise in renewable energy and PV, leveraging our ability to work at the crossroads of business, technology and finance.
  • Advancing this industry by serving our clients and creating measurable value for them.
  • Proceeding with the large-scale utilization of renewable energy and PV with our entrepreneurial drive, committing our own resources and joining forces with as well as providing knowledge to local partners for the deployment of PV projects in selected emerging markets.
Ethics / Moral
Respect for mankind, the environment and nature – without exception.
Treating everyone with sincerity and integrity.
Quality / Safety
Mankind and the environment, the product and its utilization – achieving the optimum together.
Responsibility for the environment and the satisfaction of both staff and customers.
Social and corporate commitments are worthwhile.
Making extraordinary efforts to become an outstanding company.

Solar Panels

Bost Trading has been operating for more than 10 years importing quality solar panels from Japan to Afghanistan, and has been on of the top solar penal importer in the country. Providing best quality product with price in mind.

Always Clean Energy

Absorb the sun’s rays for generating electricity.

Easy Installation

Enjoy the limitless power of solar technology at home.

Low Installation Costs

Save more than 20% on electricity bills.

Resilience & Durability

With solar panels, you will always have your own power.

Multiple Applications

Save the environment and secure energy for your home.

Renewable Energy

An energy source that can never be depleted.

Panels with a Sleek, Low-Profile Design

Our solar panels blend into your plans with ease. The result is a clean, streamlined look.

Vehicle Tires

Bost Trading is known for its best quality tires which is also imported from Japan to its customers in Afghanistan. Tires that are cheap and with quality in mind for different vehicles operation in Afghanistan from both personal and commercial uses.

Improve Handling

Significant difference in how your car feels as you climb and descend the twisty roads.

Greater Stopping Power

Immediately improve your ability to stop quickly and safely.

Provide More Grip

Improve your stopping power during rainfall, as well as your handling.

Increased Performance

Performance increases by more than 50% with our tires.

Improved Overall Safety

Drive safely knowing you have all the qualities in our tires.

A Better Driving Experience

Drive with a peace of mind and smoother on any road.

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Umar Muhammad




Donald Epps

Technical Director


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